Overall strategy

With the European Community's joint safety initiative target to cut aviation accidents by 80% by 2020, the ARISTOTEL project has found a goal to which it perfectly contributes. However, the number of A/RPC incidents in modern aircraft may increase due to the advanced flight control system incorporated which seem to be some embedded tendencies that predispose the pilot-aircraft system towards A/RPC occurrence. Therefore theoretical and experimental research has to be carried out in order to develop design guidelines which help to make the future large/flexible aircraft, high speed civil transport and highly-augmented rotorcraft more safer. This is exactly the challenge the ARISTOTELians will tackle.

Five scientific work packages lay down the basis for the expected end results of:

·         Advanced models for A/RPC prediction

·         Suitable criteria for A/RPC prediction

·         Design, engineering and simulator guidelines

·         Recommendations for pilots to escape A/RPCs

The workplan has been designed in a way to minimise risk and failure and to achieve the best results possible. With the definition phase of Work Package 1 already accomplished, the basis for all technical work packages has been created. The overall strategy of the project perfectly matches the 6 key problems which were identified in the field of A/RPCs. This is reflected in the picture below:

Moreover, the overall strategy of the ARISTOTEL project provides for 2 work packages for ensuring the smooth implementation of the project ("Management") and the proper dissemination and exploitation of the project outcomes ("Dissemination and exploitation").