30.09.2013, ARISTOTEL Final Workshop at Delft University

September 23, 2013, Delft, the Netherlands

A dissemination workshop on ARISTOTEL activities was held in Delft on September 23, 2013 to ensure that the ARISTOTEL results are disseminated as widely as possible.

This dissemination workshop was the third in a row within the ARISTOTEL project. Two smaller workshops were held during the first 18 months of the project on the occasion of the progress meetings held in Milan (March 2011) and Salon de Provence (October 2011). In summary, all workshops proved to be of benefit to both the industry and research institutions with regard to a useful exchange of information. In addition, a half-day special session at the 39th European Rotorcraft Forum (ERF 2013 in Moscow) was dedicated to ARISTOTEL.

The final dissemination workshop continued the tradition of ARISTOTEL workshops but brought it to a higher level by organising a full-day workshop with presentations and discussions. It took place within the scope of the final review meeting which marked the end of the successful ARISTOTEL project.
A key objective of the workshop was to discuss the state-of-the-art in Aircraft and Rotorcraft Pilot Couplings (A/RPC), the results of the ARISTOTEL project and the way forward. The programme included presentations by ARISTOTEL consortium members on technical results and achievements produced in the project as well as two keynote speeches by Dr. David Klyde (Systems Technology, USA) and Prof. Gareth Padfield (University of Liverpool). The workshop ended with a joint discussion on the future in the field of A/RPCs. The Forum: “From the past to the future. A/RPCs: where do we go from here?” provided a basis for interesting discussions on the problems that still need to be solved in the area of A/RPCs.

About 40 participants registered for the workshop. The participants included people from within the ARISTOTEL project, higher education and research institutions, the industry, companies in the field and operators. They came from the Netherlands, Poland, France, Italy, the UK, Romania, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the US.

The final dissemination workshop was very well received by the participants. The presentations entailed lively discussions between the participants and the consortium members. Just like the two smaller workshops, the final dissemination workshop proved to be extremely fruitful when it came to exchanging information and views on A/RPC.

In the end, it became apparent that the research done in ARISTOTEL will persist after the end of the project as a background for future research.