The University of Liverpool (UoL)

The Flight Science and Technology (FST) group is one of 5 research groups within the School of Engineering at UoL. The group has deep knowledge and expert skills in the aeronautical disciplines of flight dynamics, control, simulation, computational aerodynamics, aero-elasticity and handling qualities. The FST has a strong record in a wide range of research related to fixed and rotary wing flight dynamics/simulation, control, handling qualities, aircraft display technology and computational fluid dynamics applied to aircraft aerodynamic design. FST has participated in EU projects in FP5 – RHILP and ACT-TILT – and FP6 – OPTIMAL. FST has also worked on several European collaborative programmes under the auspices of GARTEUR including Action Group AG-16 on RPC.

UoL’s main tasks in ARISTOTEL focus on

  • contributing to the review of PRC definitions to establish a more fundamental definition to be used throughout the project
  • contributing to the search for triggers and conditions that result in pilot coupling events on helicopter and tiltrotor aircraft
  • reviewing and developing pilot modelling techniques with a particular emphasis on mechanisms of perception of motion
  • setting-up and performing rigid body RPC predictions with and without pilot-in-the-loop, validating the results and defining new criteria for RPC prediction
  • Leading the generation of test plans and matrices for the pilot-in-the-loop simulation experimental campaigns
  • Contributing to the design guidelines for adequate RPC characteristics, to the definition and development of guidelines and training protocols to recognise RPC signatures in the simulator

Role in the project

  • WP 4 leader

Dr. Mike Jump
School of Engineering
Room UG32, Walker Building, The Quadrangle, Liverpool L69 3GH, United Kingdom
Tel. +44 151 794 6845