Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI)

TsAGI is the leading aerospace research centre in Russia. During over 85 years, it has gained unique experience in fundamental research and applied investigations on aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, flight dynamics, strength, acoustics, etc. TsAGI’s test facilities include a complex of wind tunnels, static and dynamic strength labs, thermal strength and acoustic chambers, propulsion and compressor test benches and an air-power generating complex. The Dynamics and Control Systems (FD&CS) Department has a unique fleet of flight simulators, both for research and training. FD&CS Dept has wide experience in the development and experimental investigation of aircraft control systems, dynamics and handling qualities of aircraft of any type and level of augmentation. FD&CS Dept has participated in EU projects within FP5 and FP6 and has worked on several international collaborative projects with DERA, SAAB and Boing.

TsAGI’s main tasks in ARISTOTEL focus on

  • analysing the role of manipulator feel system characteristics, aircraft control sensitivity and structural elasticity in APC
  • collecting the available data and conducting new experiments on the effect of manipulator type, feel system characteristics and aircraft characteristics on APC
  • analysing the effect of motion driving algorithms on APC simulation and establishing the requirements for motion reproduction fidelity
  • developing a method to predict in-flight APC ratings on the basis of on-ground experiments
  • establishing design guidelines and criteria to prevent fixed-wing APC based on simulator experiments

Dr. Larisa Zaichik
Flight Dynamics and Control Systems Department
Zhukovsky str. 1, 140180 Zhukovsky, Russian Federation
Tel. +7 495 5564155