Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Aeronautical Structures (STRAERO)

STRAERO is a customer-oriented research institute working in aircraft structures design and testing and advanced software development for fluid-structure interaction, active control and flight simulation. The experimental facilities allow testing of full-sized aircraft structures (including composite structures) under static and dynamic loads. STRAERO has been involved in GARTEUR FM/AG15. Ongoing research projects are in Aeronautical Structures Design and Certification, computational fluid-structure interaction, aero-elastic vibrations damping and flutter suppression through active control.

STRAERO’s main tasks in ARISTOTEL focus on

  • contributing to a better understanding of the relationship between RPC conditions: aero-elastic helicopter, pilot and triggers
  • developing improved flight dynamic rotorcraft models including aero-elastic effects and pilot model for RPC prediction
  • developing new numerical codes that take into account aero-elastic effects and pilot parameters
  • contributing to requirements for new methodologies in rotorcraft design

Role in the project

  • WP 3 leader

Dr. Achim Ionita
Iuliu Maniu 220 sector 6, 061126 Bucharest, Romania
Tel. +40 20 4340169