Office National d’Etudes et de Recherches Aerospatiales (ONERA)

ONERA is the French national aerospace laboratory. It is a public research establishment with eight major facilities in France and 17 scientific departments. The department involved in ARISTOTEL is the System Control and Flight Dynamics Department (DCSD). ONERA/DCSD has contributed to activities on modelling, stability and control as well as handling qualities in previous European projects (RESPECT, RHILP, AWIATOR). Moreover, ONERA has coordinated the GARTEUR group FM-AG12 and was involved in the GARTEUR group HC-AG16.

ONERA’s main tasks in ARISTOTEL focus on

  • developing further analysis methods for RPC prediction
  • validating with simulator test results
  • defining new criteria for PRC prediction and updating the European PIO Toolbox
  • contributing to design guidelines for adequate RPC characteristics

Role in the project

  • WP 2 leader

Binh Dang Vu
System Control and Flight Dynamics Department
Base Aerienne 701 – Ecole de l’Air, 13661 Salon de Provence, France
Tel. +33 4 90170102